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Floral Classes by appointment

Floral Design classes by appointment

Consumer Bunch Floral Design Class
Learn to create a beautiful round design in water. We cover the principals and elements of design, color theory, the care and handling of flowers for longevity+ so much more! All in 2.5 hours of FLOWER FUN����
Everything is included, you bring the creative spirit, and a friend. And go home with an AMAZING floral design.

Class size: 2 students. $95 each
daytime 10-6pm
evenings 6:30-9pm begin April 6, 2020

Have a different topic you are interested in learning more about....Contact me for pricing and set your appointment.


Payment by Pay Pal invoice
Pay with any credit card or pay pal account

I am looking forward to meeting you in the classroom and sharing my floral passion and knowledge with you!! I love to learn new things....Hope you do too!!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Grand Central Floral Newsletter

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For the Floriculture Industry

The Latest Stories in Floriculture

25 NEW Iris, Lily and Allium Varieties That are Cuter Than a Kitten! Betcha’ Ain’t Seen These Yet!

Don’t miss these 25 petal-packed stunners from the June 11th judging at the (KAVB) “Royal Association Of Flowerbulb Growers” at the CNB Tradecenter in Lisse, South Holland! Top breeders enter their best of the best new breeds of Iris, Lilies and Allium! Think Spring and enjoy this refreshing trip down ‘flower bulb lane’ to see... Read More »
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Rock Stars of the Industry

MUST-SEE PHOTO GALLERY! Chelsea in Bloom – The Most Epic Shopfronts and Floral Displays in South West London

If you didn’t manage to secure a ticket for this year’s famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show, fear not. For there’s still an opportunity to enjoy an array of spectacular – and entirely free – floral delights when you’re out shopping in Chelsea over the next few days. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the Chelsea... Read More »

Tricks of the Fresh Cut Trade

MUST-SEE VIDEOS! The Graceful Movement of Dancing Tulips Showcased by Carl Kleiner

Carl Kleiner creates sleek editorial content for fashion and lifestyle brands, and that sensibility shows in his photo and video series Postures which features artfully arranged tulips. Using minimal metal rods, bent at strategic ends and angles, Kleiner showcases the graceful curves of the flowers’ long necks and gently ruffled petals and leaves. A further... Read More »

Tricks of the Plant Trade

6 Edible Plants That Might Surprise You

If you are ever stranded in the wilderness of the U.S., unsure which direction is the nearest grocery store or restaurant, fear not. The forest is your supermarket, and it is time to go shopping! If you find yourself stuck in a wetland area, cattails may save you. Although it may look like a hairy... Read More »

Industry Events

HortiFlor Zimbabwe, 2018; October 9-11; Harare International Conference Centre

Making Flower Exports Blossom Again. Flower exports used to be, at the height of production, one of Zimbabwe’s biggest forex earners. By 2001, Zimbabwean flower exports ranked as the second largest in Africa, only behind Kenya. Zimbabwe was also the fifth biggest exporter to the European Union. The flower growers and exporters in Zimbabwe were... Read More »

Career Builders

Negotiation 101 For Senior Leaders: How To Structure An Effective Argument

Do you know how most leaders sabotage themselves during a negotiation? If you think it’s because they’re being “too soft,” you’re in for a surprise. Negotiation is a critical leadership skill and yet very few managers know how to do it effectively — and with flair. The main reason for failure at a negotiation table... Read More »

Colors and Trends

SLIDE SHOW: The Most Beautiful Wedding Gowns for Spring 2019

For spring 2019, bridal designers were more daring than ever. While most of them still stuck to ethereal, white, and dreamy as the overall theme, it was refreshing to see more options for silhouettes, colorful gowns, and pantsuits as well. Whether or not you’re shopping for a wedding gown (admit it, they’re fun to look... Read More »

Tech Tips

These 7 Apps Will Help You Identify Unknown Plants And Flowers

Know immediately if your child has a handful of Virginia creeper or poison ivy. Identifying flowers, leaves and trees can be useful, educational and even entertaining. But while you can attempt an online search if you’re not sure what something is, googling “white star shaped flower” can turn up hundreds of pages of possible results.... Read More »

Retail Trends

Floral Cafe Opens On Upper West Side

PlantShed offers customers the chance to grab a latte and a bouquet of flowers all in one trip. An Upper West Side florist is introducing a new concept at its newest location in the neighborhood: The floral cafe. Plantshed’s new location at 555 Columbus Avenue, located between West 86th and 87th streets, is a fusion... Read More »

Science & Research

These Most Dangerous Plants in The World Will Make You Want to Stay Indoors Forever

At the height of North American summer, many plants are at their most dangerous. We don’t normally think of plants as particularly scary organisms. But this rather entertaining Reddit thread from 2016 will make you reconsider that assumption. “Botanists of Reddit, what are the scariest plants in the world?” user Zipzapadam asked. And Reddit delivered.... Read More »

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