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Floral Classes by appointment

Floral Design classes by appointment

Consumer Bunch Floral Design Class
Learn to create a beautiful round design in water. We cover the principals and elements of design, color theory, the care and handling of flowers for longevity+ so much more! All in 2.5 hours of FLOWER FUN����
Everything is included, you bring the creative spirit, and a friend. And go home with an AMAZING floral design.

Class size: 2 students. $95 each
daytime 10-6pm
evenings 6:30-9pm begin April 6, 2020

Have a different topic you are interested in learning more about....Contact me for pricing and set your appointment.


Payment by Pay Pal invoice
Pay with any credit card or pay pal account

I am looking forward to meeting you in the classroom and sharing my floral passion and knowledge with you!! I love to learn new things....Hope you do too!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Paula Pryke wedding flowers book preview

British Floral Designer Paula Pryke

Here new Wedding flowers book preview

Unsure how to view the class schedule or how to sign up for a me at: I will be glad to answer any question at: 913-708-2988 thanks! Christina Burton-Fox AIFD

Free Flower class tonight

Thursday Evening Flower Therapy

January 15th and 29th         February 19th
March 5th and 26tth            April 9th and 23rd


A free floral class session

Let’s explore an AIFD Symposium Program DVD format

We will explore a new program once a month with a question & answer session following the DVD program.

Watch amazing designers and educators, be inspired!!

Please register~~~ seating is limited

Email your name & phone# to:

Can’t wait to meet you in the classroom

Christina Burton-Fox   AIFD

Unsure how to view the class schedule or how to sign up for a me at: I will be glad to answer any question at: 913-708-2988 thanks! Christina Burton-Fox AIFD

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Language of Flowers

Flowers do speak a language, clear and intelligible.  Observe them, reader, love them, linger over them and ask your own heart if they do not speak affection, benevolence and piety.

In every culture and throughout time, flowers have been central to the human experience.  Whether growing wild or in carefully tended gardens, blooming in works of art or written into the pages of great literature, flowers have always surrounded and supported us.  They appear in our most significant rituals and traditions all around the globe: from east to west; from ancient civilization to the present day; when we hope or pray, love or mourn, we do it with flowers in our hands.

Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Unsure how to view the class schedule or how to sign up for a me at: I will be glad to answer any question at: 913-708-2988 thanks! Christina Burton-Fox AIFD

Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015 Flower Trends from Event Planners Guidebook

Christina Burton-Fox  AIFD CFD
instructor & designer

 Flower Trend:  Majestic

Regal and rich shades of violet & purple, combine with gold using the entire purple family from deep plums, bright red violets, lavender & orchids.
flowers:  phalenopsis, calla, hydrangea, peony,cymbidium and stock

Flower Trend:  Lapis Luxury

Event of blue & white, refined formal & crisp.  This looks inspired by the waters of the world.  Formal sophistication powered by the blue & white porcelains & linens.
flowers:  blue hydrangea, white phalenopsis, white calls's, roses, stock & carnations with blue delphinium & agapanthus.

Flower Trend: Kaleidoscope

A mirad of radiant colors & patterns, the style is sophisticated, yet modern, bold prints, playful & bright.  Colors & shapes are bright orange,coral red, hot pink & turquoise.  Clean lines and architectural forms, sphere & topiaries accented with bold graphics prints, this tailored look.
flowers:  gerbera, roses, dahlia & ranunculus.

Flower Trend:  Modern Garden

Soft & unstructured with an earthy & artisanal feel.  This look is the perfect harmony of hand crafted, modern & vintage.  A blend of world textures with modern shapes, tones of champagne, plum, blush pink, moss & mineral blue sky.  Weathered, tarnished or wooden vessels add a rustic beauty.
flowers:  garden blooms, roses, clematis, stock & veronica mix with textural greens like lambs ear and succulents.
by International Floral Distributors

Unsure how to view the class schedule or how to sign up for a me at: I will be glad to answer any question at: 913-708-2988 thanks! Christina Burton-Fox AIFD

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Floral Design Student's Review of the flower classroom

As my students finish the Explore Floral Design class I have them answer a few questions that allow me to improve, and know what they are thinking overall about this floral design experience.  I post them in the Raves and review section of the blog.  And always highlight a few in the post area.

Thank you Sally for the review and have enjoyed having you in this class and all the follow up Wedding classes to enable you to proivde amazing floral designs and concepts.

Christina Burton-Fox  AIFD

Today I am posting the review from a student, Sally Teahan.

*  Please tell me about your experience:
It was nerve wrecking at first, but once I learned to relax and trust my eye it was easier.  I loved all the design days.

*Did the class hit the mark for you?  Did it miss the mark?
Yes it was just what I was looking for.

*Did the cost of class = the value?
At first it seemed expensive but once I saw the value of all the flowers & information I felt it was a great value.

*What was the best day of class for you?
Loved the Tropical Day

*What was the most challenging day of class?
Boutonniers & personal flowers

*Write a review that I may publish with your name on my blog or Facebook:

I enrolled in the Explore Floral Design class to offer another element to my Wedding and Event Planning Business. I wanted to offer bridal flowers or other floral designs to my clients.  I had always loved floral design, but had never really been trained and wanted to learn the correct way of doing things.  I learned even more than I thought I would.  I loved every minute of class time and the information was so practical and useful.  Christina is a very talented floral designer and a great teacher.  I feel like I can go forward and use all this information in my business.  This was probably the most helpful and directly useful class I hav ever taken!
Sally Teahan

Unsure how to view the class schedule or how to sign up for a me at: I will be glad to answer any question at: 913-708-2988 thanks! Christina Burton-Fox AIFD

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Webinar class from Fitz designs

Follow this link for a free webinar class from Fitz designs 

We all love to learn new things...using exciting products makes it Fantastic'

Design by Gary Wells AIFD

Monday, January 12, 2015

Explore Floral Design begins next Monday

Explore Floral Design              

Begins January 19, 2015

Maximum 8 students
January 19, 26
February 2,9,16,23
March 2,9,16,23,30
April 6th
84 class hours of hands on training
  9:30-5:30   1 hour lunch


This 12 day Exploration of Floral Design class will teach the basic principals of floral design, and so much more.  Each day will have a lecture & hands on designing.  Students will participate in the processing and handling of fresh flowers each day for the lab session.   The students will be trained to execute all basic forms of design to apply for a floral designer position.  This is a required class for job placement.  The class offers business information on pricing for profit, daily sales, floral delivery expenses, and bulk purchases for profitability, and so much more!  The students will have a final exam on materials covered during lectures.  And every class day will be more fun than you can imagine and the amount of flowers to work with and industry information is fantastic!
FLOWERS are beautiful creations, the curiosity and enthusiasm for information on FLOWERS is contagious.  Take yourself somewhere new….to the Flower Classroom.  Learn to be a FLOWER expert.
This class enables you to become a FLOWER expert!   Having so much fun every class session.
·       Introduction to design 
·       Color terms and theory
·        Processing and handling of fresh flowers 
·       Flower & Foliage identification
·       Hands on design of basic forms of    design
·       Techniques in design 
·       Wedding Bouquets 
·       Flowers to wear
·       Sympathy Tributes
·       Every day designs
·       Pricing of floral products
·       Salesmanship with FLOWERS
     Special Event Flowers
·       Handling Customer complaints
     Hiring the best employees
·       Tropical floral designs
·       Field trip to Floral Wholesalers
     Floral Terminology


Each student will have materials provided to execute all designs.  The classroom also has additional books, supplies and flowers for purchase.  This allows students to practice additional designs at home.
We will cover the Principles, Elements & Techniques of Design
·       Balance, Emphasis, Harmony, Proportion, Rhythm & Unity
·       Color, Form, Line, Space & Texture
·       Bailing, Banding, Binding, Bunching, Clustering, Detailing, Facing, Framing, Grouping, Hand Tying, Kubari, Lacing, Layering, Mirroring, Pave, Pillowing, Sequencing, Sheltering, Stacking, Terracing, Tufting, Veiling, Wrapping & Zoning.

Floral Design Tools

The Flower Classroom provides a Notebook of Floral information, Color Wheel and a California Flower Selection guide, and other industry catalogs.
 Students should bring something for note   taking and a calculator.  The classroom has assorted tools available to use, new floral tools are available in the classroom to purchase.  Any other tools necessary for the class will be available.


A certificate of completion of this class will be available with a passing grade on the final exam. 
Students that have enrolled and passed the Explore Floral Design and wish to enroll in the Advanced Floral design class that follows will be given a discount on that class price when combining these 2 classes.
Christina Burton-Fox   AIFD   instructor

FLOWERS are beautiful creations.  The curiosity and enthusiasm for information about flowers is contagious.  Enroll in the Flower Classroom for the most up to date information….when the ordinary won’t do…take yourself somewhere new!


Fresh flowers and foliage’s and the containers will be provided for all the designs.  These designs are yours to take with you at the end of each class day.  You will not take apart your designs to execute the next floral design.
Flower selection will be seasonal.  The classroom will have a wide selection of flowers to choose from for design execution.  You will have permanent materials and all wire, tape, glue, etc. will be provided. 
Styles of Design
·      Botanical
·      Circular Mass
·      Formal Linear
·      Line-Mass
·      Triangular
·      Vegetative

Class Registration

84 hours classroom time
Registration & Class Materials for a       12-day class              

This amount is due in full to reserve your design table.  Payment can be made with any major credit card or with Pay Pal. 
You can copy and paste this link for payment.  I will confirm your registration after the payment is received.

PayPal link for payment of Class
Cancelation of your space in the class is allowed up to 14 days before class for a full refund.  After that a credit will be applied for classes in the future.
 Call for more information.           913-708-2988

Florists Review tip of the Week Add Marsala to the mix

January 12, 2015 

Add Marsala to the mix

With Pantone’s announcement last month of its wine-hued color of the year 2015, Marsala, we expect more customers to be seeking out this rich hue.

“A naturally robust and earthy wine red, Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls,” Pantone describes. “This highly varietal shade combines dramatically with neutrals, including warmer taupes and grays. Because of its burnished undertones, sultry Marsala is highly compatible with amber, umber and golden yellows, greens in both turquoise and teal, and blues in the more vibrant range.”

Look for blooms in this rich red tone – such as roses, callas, dahlias and other opulent blooms – as well as ribbons, containers and accessories to add a Marsala pop to any design. 

Unsure how to view the class schedule or how to sign up for a me at: I will be glad to answer any question at: 913-708-2988 thanks! Christina Burton-Fox AIFD

Monday, January 5, 2015

Explore Floral Design Advanced Class 5- Mondays

Explore Floral Design
Advanced  2015

Maximum of 8 students

5 class session rate  

 single day registration

Class from 9:30-5:30 -1 hour lunch


This class provides everything you need.  Flowers, containers, supplies, you will not take your designs apart and re-construct them.  Invest in yourself, learn new things, become more confident & become a productive floral designer.   This class is for the professional floral designer.  These classes will have a minimal lecture, handouts, and the hands on session are 6 hours in length. 


We will explore 5 important areas of floral design.

·       April 13      Everyday designs
·       April 20       Large Scale designs
·       April 27     Wedding Bouquets
·       May 4      Tropical floral designs
     May 11    Flowers to wear

Class Pricing

If you are a graduate of the Explore Floral Design 10 or 12 day class your discount is reflected in pricing below.

·       All classes/5 sessions    (graduates) $825.00

·       Single day rate    (graduates)   $165.00

·       All classes/ 5 sessions   (floral professional)  $ 1,250.00

·       Single day rate/  (floral professional)  $250 per day


A certificate of completion with is available for each single day registration or the 5-day session.


All materials are provided including tools.  We will use seasonal fresh flowers and the newest supplies that the industry offers.
You will take with you all designs, containers, flowers, etc. that you create in the classroom.


Payments can be made thru the pay pal links provided below.  Any credit card or a pay pal account will work.  These classes also can be used in the pay pal program (credit) in 6 payments if you qualify.
You may also pay by check
Copy and past the link to your browser.

·       5 sessions/graduates  $825.00
·       Single day/ graduates  $165.00

·       5 sessions /professional florist   $1,250.00
·       Single day/professional florist   $250.00

Unsure how to view the class schedule or how to sign up for a me at: I will be glad to answer any question at: 913-708-2988 thanks! Christina Burton-Fox AIFD