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Floral Classes by appointment

Floral Design classes by appointment

Call to make your appointment to learn floral techniques and styles of design.

Class size: 2 students
daytime-evening-some weekends

Payment by pay pal invoice
with any credit card, check or cash


Class topics:

Consumer Bunch of Flowers
3 hours training
includes flowers, container & handouts
$65 per person

Tropical or succulents
2.5 hours training
includes plants & containers
$75 per person

Spring/Summer Door Design
3 hours training
all silk & dried materials included
$125 per person

Flowers to carry/Weddings
6 hours training
2 sizes & styles
$200 per person

Flowers to wear/Weddings
8 hours training
ring, necklace, wrist & pin on
$200 per person

Holiday table design
St. Pat’s Easter Mothers Day
Memorial Day 4th of July
4 hours training
fresh and permanent materials
$150 per person

Hand tied table garlands
4 hours training
fresh foliages & flowers
$175 per person

Have a topic that's not listed you are interested in learning more about....Contact me for pricing and set your appointment for 1 or 2!


I am looking forward to meeting you in the classroom and sharing my floral passion and knowledge with you!! I love to learn new things....Hope you do too!!

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Christina Burton-Fox AIFD
floral artist & instructor


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Rio Roses Valentines Special Issue


Thursday, February 22, 2018

2018 floral trends for Brides

Magnificent Mediterranean Wedding
Magnificent Mediterranean wedding cream ‘Purity’ garden roses from David Austin wedding & Gift Roses are dusted with tones of pale apricot and combined with white dendrobium orchids. An Oasis ELEGANT® Bouquet Holder pulls this look together and creates a timeless, romantic freeform cascading bouquet. This warm, inviting trend emulates the bride’s distinct, alluring personality and sets the stage for her to be the most romantic bride.
Incarnation of Earths Element Wedding
Incarnation of earth’s elementwedding classic wedding bouquets delight the Incarnation of earth’s element bride. The trend has a modern edge as it leans toward browns, greens, and whites. These bouquets use a variety of textured foliages to showcase an appreciation of nature. This freeform bouquet uses ‘Patience’ roses from David Austin Roses, white peonies, and an array of textural fillers and foliages.
Positively Posh Wedding
Positively Posh wedding is passionate and feminine. Positively Posh is about discovering uniqueness and style. Delicate elements set against deep velvet and plum tones create a romantic couture look. Grays, pinks, and light neutrals contrast with bursts of vibrant fuchsia and purple hues. Freeform bouquets wondrously exemplify the radiant affection that envelopes Positively Posh.
Folk Art Reinvented Wedding
Folk Art Reinvented wedding where natural elements balance the bright color spectrum in Folk Art Reinvented. The trend entices the bride with an explosion of mixed, bold colors and encourages her to take the garden style to new heights. Bouquet designs will vary in size, shape, and flower choice, but none will outshine the freeform bouquet pictured here. A well-balanced mix of colors, shades, flowers, and accent foliages is key to creating the ideal Folk Art Reinvented freeform cascading bouquet.

What makes me HAPPY

Christina Burton-Fox AIFD floral artist & instructor

Flower Book Vanda Orchids

The vanda grower who knows best!

Anco, pure vanda!

This week we feature again a new member to Flowerbook, and it's a great one! Anco Pure Vanda is a producer of Vanda, established in the Westland-area in Holland. The passion for Vanda started decades ago; on a business trip in Thailand. Vandas are well known for their longevity and applied quite often in wedding arrangements. They are available in almost every color imaginable and you can find over 80 varieties in our app! Two of these beauties are below, both from different vanda selections. The Tayanee ® Maxi Blue and the Divana ® Purple Mulberry. 

Perhaps you know Anco as the Vanda specialist, gem of the orchids, which is unique due to her air-roots. It has taken us a few years to develop into a global market leader. Their Vandas are cultivated with a lot of care and love. Quality that is something you can rely on. Their  core values, honest luxury, passion and exoticism, are reflected in all the products and 


Showing availability is a bit complex, as most products are available yearround. However, since events and wedding are a big portion of the sales and usually take up a large amount of stems, some varieties can be out of production for a few days or even weeks. It's important that you check with your sales person if they can reserve flowers you absolutely need for a wedding or event. beacause this beauties are a must for any event!

Living Jewel

The Vanda Orchid is a jewel amongst flowers. With the introduction of Living Jewel , the flower can now actually be worn as jewelery. By means of a special lockable tube containing water, each Vanda flower can be worn as a fashionable brooch, pendant on a chain and in the hair as a type of exclusive diadem! A timeless and elegant piece of jewelery which radiates beauty through its living bloom! For more info about the living jewel click here!


Anco provides a broad Vanda range. Cut flowers and plants can be delivered in various colours, fitting the consumers wish. Each year  The company hopes to present new Vanda varieties  with new unique properties. Interesting fact is that varieties named with Yimwhan are those who are the newest ;)  The complete assortment of Anco pure Vanda is now on Flowerbook. This grower has multiple cut flower selections. These are;

For every selection there are multiple beautifull varieties that are all in the grower page within the Flowerbook app.

Follow Anco and stay updated!

Who knows the product better then the grower? Exactly, no one! Anco is very active on social media and shares a lot of expert tips about the vanda. Choose your favorite social media and make sure to follow Anco pure Vanda!


Deleted the app? No worries, it is still available and the best thing is, it is free!

Christina Burton-Fox AIFD floral artist & instructor

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

#FreestyleFreesia by Chantal Vollenbroek | Flower Factor tutorial | Powe...

Christina Burton-Fox AIFD
floral artist & instructor

Rio Roses St. Patricks Issue

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Christina Burton-Fox AIFD floral artist & instructor

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Bloom where you are planted newsletter

A Next Generation Multimedia Company
For the Floriculture Industry

The Latest Stories in Floriculture

Because You Asked for MORE!…New Spring Merchandising Ideas from Europe! Check Out the 25-Image Photo Gallery of Our Latest Merchandising Treasures!

You asked for more display ideas for Spring …and you got ’em! Check out these brand new visual ideas using everyday props, innovative colors and show-stopping themes! The materials are simple: chalkboards, wooden blocks, nesting tables, wheelbarrows and chairs! Remember…. the beginning of every single sale is getting the customer to STOP, and these ideas... Read More »
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Rock Stars of the Industry

Eight of the Best Instagram Gardeners to Follow in 2018

Gardeners growing their presence on social media are becoming key influencers. For years, I’ve sniffed at Twitter, rolled my eyes at Facebook and snorted at Snapchat. But then just when I couldn’t get any more toploftical, along came Instagram to win my heart and prove me completely wrong when it comes to the world of... Read More »

Tricks of the Fresh Cut Trade

A 3-Step Guide to Creating Traditional French Flower Arrangements

As beautifully disheveled as Jane Birkin’s bangs. There as just as many flower shops in France as there are boulangeries and patissiers — and like any other facet of French culture, buying and giving flowers is done casually, but with style. Creating classic French floral arrangements is all about attitude; arranging fleurs des champs (wild... Read More »

Tricks of the Plant Trade

Prankster Puts Plants In New York City Potholes

A YouTube star is helping New York City live up to its reputation as a concrete jungle. But as WCBS 880’s Ethan Harp reported, the city is not impressed by his latest stunt. “When I was driving around New York City, I hit a pothole with my car,” professional prankster Coby Persin posted on his... Read More »

Industry Events

PHOTO GALLERY: The Best Places to See Spring Flowers in NYC

Wishing New York winter was a little less white? Luckily for you, spring flowers are just around the corner, and opportunities to stop and smell them are cropping up left and right. Cast your thoughts on sunnier things at the best places to see spring flowers in New York City. A must-see spring stop is... Read More »

Career Builders

Dos and Don’ts for Creating a Winning Business Pitch

Startups and established businesses know that pitches are essential. It can mean new customers and/or funds, which you need to jump-start your company. It can mean impressing the right people who can definitely help you. But only if you do it right. It isn’t easy, though. In any setting, pitches hinge on how you persuade... Read More »

Colors and Trends

PHOTO GALLERY: 16 D├ęcor Trends That Are Going to Be Hot in 2018!

Lavender is the new millennial pink. Move over, millennial pink: Lavender is going to be the “it” color in 2018. At least, according to some of our go-to designers. We asked them what decor trends are going to be huge next year to help you stay ahead of the game, and this is what they... Read More »

Tech Tips

What Is Blockchain?

All of a sudden, blockchain is everywhere. The technology, which was invented in 2008 to power Bitcoin when it launched a year later, is being used for everything from copyright protection to sexual consent (yes, really). Considering the daily churn of news around blockchain, not to mention the skyrocketing value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies... Read More »

Retail Trends

PHOTO GALLERY: Fixer Upper Fan? Check Out 114 Flower Arrangements and Centerpieces You’ll Find in a True Fixer-Upper! – HGTV

Fixer Upper Flower Arrangements and Centerpieces. From roses and daffodils to sunflowers and succulents, check out this definitive guide of all the florals you’ll find inside a Fixer Upper. The HGTV series Fixer Upper pairs renovation, design and real estate pros Chip and Joanna Gaines with home buyers to renovate homes that are in great... Read More »

Science & Research

When Did Flowers Originate? Learn It Here!

Flowering plants likely originated between 149 and 256 million years ago according to new UCL-led research. The study, published today in New Phytologist by researchers from the UK and China, shows that flowering plants are neither as old as suggested by previous molecular studies, nor as young as a literal interpretation of their fossil record.... Read More »

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Christina Burton-Fox AIFD floral artist & instructor