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Floral Classes by appointment

Floral Design classes by appointment

Consumer Bunch Floral Design Class
Learn to create a beautiful round design in water. We cover the principals and elements of design, color theory, the care and handling of flowers for longevity+ so much more! All in 2.5 hours of FLOWER FUN����
Everything is included, you bring the creative spirit, and a friend. And go home with an AMAZING floral design.

Class size: 2 students. $95 each
daytime 10-6pm
evenings 6:30-9pm begin April 6, 2020

Have a different topic you are interested in learning more about....Contact me for pricing and set your appointment.


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I am looking forward to meeting you in the classroom and sharing my floral passion and knowledge with you!! I love to learn new things....Hope you do too!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Oasis idea weekly

Can flowers help heal the world 
when this is all over?
We’ve all seen the meme running making the rounds on Facebook that reads, “When this is all over, I’m throwing the biggest St. Patrick’s Easter de Mayo of July party anyone’s ever seen!”...
IDEA Weekly will return in a few weeks!

Christina Burton-Fox AIFD floral artist & instructor

Monday, April 27, 2020

Florists Review


“Strong yet graceful lines impart energy and vitality to these modern versions of classic curvilinear silhouettes, designed in equally classic compote and urn containers.”

For some botanical artists, line is an important element to kick-start the process of design. Line creates a visual flow through the arrangement for the eyes to follow. These contemporary interpretations of line-based classic curvilinear forms – crescent (“C” or “U” shape), Hogarth Curve (“S” shape) and vertical – illustrate how the successful creation of linear flow results in lyrical movement of life through the arrangement. NOTE: Creating successful lines sets in motion a process of flowering that requires a thoughtful application of design principles, particularly balance and proportion.


Classic Crescent
The compote is a perfect vessel for a crescent design. This asymmetrical crescent silhouette is initially “sketched in” with floral-taped Midollino Sticks “extenders,” then wired, with Bind Wire, to Forsythia branches and inserted into a kenzan, or pin holder. The structure is first filled lightly with foliage, followed by a springy combination of botanicals in a split-complementary color harmony.


Classic Hogarth Curve
Tall stemmed compotes are the most suitable vessels for a Hogarth Curve design. This classic style features an S-shaped curve, or serpentine line, also known as the “Line of Beauty.” It was named after William Hogarth, an 18th-century English painter, who described it in his book, The Analysis of Beauty (1753). The curvilinear silhouette is created with a Midollino Sticks “extender,” which is covered with yarn, wired to Forsythia branches with Bind Wire, and inserted into a hairpin holder. The structure is laced with jasmine vine, Chilean feather fern and Genista, then loosely flowered to maintain some transparency.


Curvilinear Vertical Design
Two half stems of Forsythia – one placed in each of two urns – and a Midollino Sticks “extender” wrapped with raffia create two curvilinear U-shaped uprights. Long pieces of plumosa fern are laced vertically while a collection of flowers is designed in a loose and airy manner into the armature created by the Forsythia stems and Midollino Sticks “extender.”

Christina Burton-Fox AIFD floral artist & instructor

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Coloured by Gerbera

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The gerbera brings a sense of joy and happiness. That is what motivates us: to spread as much joy as we can in households all over the world. Brighten up your day with gerberas! This video tells you how and why we do this.

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Usually our gerbera is present at loads of events each year. Unfortunately that's not possible right now but, better days will come. For now; get inspired and check out our event lookbook. We're taking you back to the good times.

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The gerbera is part of a large family and relates to many different personalities. From charming to atmospheric, from sassy to going with everything. The gerbera has many variations in colour, size and shape thanks to its breeding process. This allows the gerbera to offer endless possibilities. Discover all seven categories. 
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On our website you'll find lot of inspiration boards they offer you amazing gerbera inspiration in various themes. From Christmas to Summer and from Pure Perfect to Belle Bohème. In addition, you can download all images in web quality or in high quality.
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Christina Burton-Fox AIFD floral artist & instructor