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Floral Classes by appointment

Floral Design classes by appointment

Call to make your appointment to learn floral techniques and styles of design.

Class size: 2 students
daytime-evening-some weekends

Payment by pay pal invoice
with any credit card, check or cash


Class topics:

Consumer Bunch of Flowers
3 hours training
includes flowers, container & handouts

Tropical or succulents
2.5 hours training
includes plants & containers

Fall Door Design
3 hours training
all silk & dried materials included

Flowers to carry/Weddings
6 hours training
2 sizes & styles

Flowers to wear/Weddings
8 hours training
ring, necklace, wrist & pin on

Holiday table design
Halloween-Fall-Christmas-New Years
4 hours training
fresh and permanent materials

Hand tied table garlands
4 hours training
fresh foliages & flowers

Have a topic that's not listed you are interested in learning more about....Contact me for pricing and set your appointment for 2!


I am looking forward to meeting you in the classroom and sharing my floral passion and knowledge with you!! I love to learn new things....Hope you do too!!

Keep in touch

Keep in touch by adding your email below, receive the postings the following day by email....Thank you!


Christina Burton-Fox AIFD
floral artist & instructor

10820 W. 64th st. suite 102B
Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66203


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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

AIFD 2017 Symposium Register NOW

Who will be the Xceptional Designers Xhibiting their skills at Symposium "X"...

The lineup of main stage designers for Symposium "X" is like a 
"Who's Who
of the Floral Industry:

  • Erik Witcraft AIFD, CFD and Frank Blanchard CFD - "Side X Side: The Northwest Experience"
  • Ania Norwood AIFD, CFD and Aniko Kovaks AIFD, CFD - "Xcel With Armatures"
  • Alex Torres AIFD, CFDNicola Parker AIFD, CFD, and Gail Terril AIFD, CFD - "Are You Faux Real?"
  • Arthur Williams AIFD, CFD - "Outside the Box - Artist in Residence"
  • Donald Yim AIFD, CFD - "Materialistic"
  • Brooke Raulerson AIFD, CFD - "Xceptional Color and Texture Trends in Weddings"
  • Jon Robert Throne AIFD, CFD - "Merry Xmas"
  • Yutaka Jimbo AIFD, CFDMayra Agustina de la Garza Cueva AIFD, CFDJuan Roberto Rivera Almaguer AIFD, CFDSo Hyoung Oh AIFD, CFDSolomon Leong AIFD, CFD, and Ibragim Chupalaev - "X: The Meaning of Cultural Friendship Through AIFD"
  • Natasha Lisitsa and Daniel Schultz - "Xuberant! Minimalism"
  • Louisa Lam AIFD, CFD - "Floral Art: Living with Flowers"
  • Phil Rulloda AIFD, CFD, AAF, PFCI - "Xpose the Xtraordinary Magic Within"

Christina Burton-Fox AIFD floral artist & instructor

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