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Christina Burton-Fox AIFD
floral artist & instructor

10820 W. 64th st. suite 102B
Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66203


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Christina Burton-Fox AIFDfloral artist & instructor

Friday, April 7, 2017

AIFD Floral Food for Thought

American Institute of Floral Designer's monthly tip for members
Thank you to our 2017 Elite Partners!



April Marketing Tip
A Contemporary Miniature Floral Design
By Lana Chernyavsky AIFD, CFD

*This is a step by step design idea with pictures. Click here to read the article with photos.

Modern, airy and filled with the expensive flowers that will surprise and satisfy your clients. You can make a bigger construction, add tropical flowers and create the truly 'wow' factor at any place, work space or your shop. This miniature
floral design is a great project for a floral workshop or class for the beginners to learn a movement.

Suggested materials: 

A bamboo pole 1-1.5" diameter, Vine 'Hardenbergia violacea, Orchids /Mini Phalaenopsis, Anemones or Spray roses, Lily Grass/ Beargrass, Alocasia leaves / plant, Calathea leaves/ plant, hot glue, wood glue, masking tape, wood sticks, plastic tubes, raffia, a piece of wood 12" long.


Cut the bamboo pole into different length segments with the 45-degree angle on one side. (I used the masking tape to prevent chipping of the bamboo.)

Then, with hot glue, attach the cut bamboo onto the wood piece.

Make some holes with a drill making the 90-degree angle to the bamboo for the wood sticks, and with adding a little bit of wood glue, insert the sticks. Create another level of the wood stick parallel to the bamboo. From the side, it will look like a grid.

Add some water tubes wrapped with raffia then glued to the thin wood sticks repeating the upward movement. Fill the water tubes with water.

Next, add grass and vines for the upward movement and foliage. Alter that, add orchids and anemones, small and large flowers. Please remember to create groups of flowers in the 8-5-3 rule, that simple rule will help provide more impact, especially if you make the large construction.

Remind your clients to check the water level in the tubes
every day.
American Institute of Floral Designers, 9 Newport Drive, Suite 200, Forest Hill, MD 21050

Christina Burton-Fox AIFD floral artist & instructor

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