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1 Day Wedding Workshop
featuring Holly Chapple products includes floral tool and handouts
2 designs
$295 per person

Consumer Bunch of Flowers
3 hours training
includes flowers, container & handouts
$65 per person

Flowers to carry/Weddings
6 hours training
2 sizes & styles
$200 per person

Flowers to wear/Weddings
8 hours training
ring, necklace, wrist & pin on
$200 per person

Have a topic that's not listed you are interested in learning more about....Contact me for pricing and set your appointment for 1 or 2!


I am looking forward to meeting you in the classroom and sharing my floral passion and knowledge with you!! I love to learn new things....Hope you do too!!

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Christina Burton-Fox AIFD
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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Grand Central Newsletter

A Next Generation Multimedia Company
For the Floriculture Industry

The Latest Stories in Floriculture

25 NEW Hyacinth Varieties the World Needs More Of! Check Out Our Photo Gallery of the Best and Boldest Colors!!

Don’t miss these 25 fragrance-packed stunners from the March 19, 2018 judging at the (KAVB) “Royal Association Of Flowerbulb Growers” at the CNB Tradecenter in Lisse, South Holland where top breeders enter their best-of-the-best new breeds! Think Spring and enjoy this refreshing trip down ‘Hyacinth Lane’ to see the NEWEST breeds available to the industry!... Read More »
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Rock Stars of the Industry

Renowned Florist and Floral Designer Teresa Sabankaya to Release Her First Book in Spring 2019

Sabankaya’s book, “The Posy Book” (temporary name) explores one of her favorite topics, Posies, or a sentiment nosegay. Sabankaya’s modern invention of a historic nosegay, Bonny Doon Posies, have been a core part of her retail business from the beginning, and have been featured in such media as CBS Sunday Morning, Romantic Homes magazine, San... Read More »

Tricks of the Fresh Cut Trade

PHOTO GALLERY: 15 Fresh-Cuts That Last for Weeks!

Make the most of your trip to the farmer’s market and pick posies with staying power. Hypericum Berries, also called coffee bean berry, this long-lasting bloom is equal parts fragrant and eye-catching, especially when arranged altogether in a chic, glass vase. Lilies are the gift that keeps on giving. The key to long-lasting flowers is... Read More »

Tricks of the Plant Trade

The Weird World Inside a Pitcher Plant

A species of pitcher plant found in Singapore isn’t very good at dissolving the prey it catches, but it gets nutritional help from worm larvae that live and eat within its maws. On the soggy floor of one of the only remaining intact forests on the island nation of Singapore, the egg-sized heads of carnivorous creatures emerge from decaying... Read More »

Industry Events

VIDEO + PHOTO GALLERY: Exotic Flowers and Artistry Draws Huge Crowds at Dubai Festival

International florists display their creations at Dubai International Flower Festival. Dubai: “Ten thousand saw I at a glance.” Well, I may be quoting Wordsworth. But here it’s not about daffodils. It’s about the heliconias, guzmanias, gloriosas, corinatas, roses, sunflowers, orchids, tulips, chrysanthemums and scores of other flowers and foliage on display at Dubai International Flower... Read More »

Career Builders

9 Easy Steps to Make Your Boss Like You

Your goal as an employee should be to make your boss’ life easier. If you can help your manager look good to their manager, you’re in good shape. It’s simple logic; it’s less simple to put into action. To help you out, we’ve rounded up nine ways you can take the hard stuff off your... Read More »

Colors and Trends

Japanese Artist Handcrafts Hair Accessories That Look Like Delicate Flowers

Japanese artist Sakae creates delicate floral hair accessories using colorful resin and wire. In Japan, these ornamental hair pins are known as Kanzashi, and today they’re worn with kimonos by Japanese women on special occasions. Sakae calls her craft “dip flower,” which involves sculpting the metallic wire into floral shapes and dipping them into the... Read More »

Tech Tips

MIT Scientists Create Plants That Glow Like Fireflies

How neat! They hope glowing plants could help the environment by replacing lamps and outdoor lighting. If you’re looking for a super-cool natural light source, you may soon be able to read by the light of a plant. It sounds like science fiction, but engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have taken the first... Read More »

Retail Trends

Mark Your Calendars: These Are the Most Important Sales Dates in 2018

Looking ahead to 2018, here are some predictions for dates when specific product sales and small business activities will peak. From cakes to cocktails, listings services to shipping refunds, everything has a high season. Small businesses experience sales peaks and valleys through the year that are influenced by local events and trends. But across the... Read More »

Science & Research

We Just Proved Plants Have Consciousness, New Study Suggests

The benefits of talking to houseplants have long been relegated to the halls of pseudoscience, while the benefits of playing them music has seemed even goofier. Now, a study published in The Annals of Botany journal suggests that plants are much more complex in their range of reactions and much closer to animals than previously... Read More »

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Christina Burton-Fox AIFD floral artist & instructor

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