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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Flower Book Vanda Orchids

The vanda grower who knows best!

Anco, pure vanda!

This week we feature again a new member to Flowerbook, and it's a great one! Anco Pure Vanda is a producer of Vanda, established in the Westland-area in Holland. The passion for Vanda started decades ago; on a business trip in Thailand. Vandas are well known for their longevity and applied quite often in wedding arrangements. They are available in almost every color imaginable and you can find over 80 varieties in our app! Two of these beauties are below, both from different vanda selections. The Tayanee ® Maxi Blue and the Divana ® Purple Mulberry. 

Perhaps you know Anco as the Vanda specialist, gem of the orchids, which is unique due to her air-roots. It has taken us a few years to develop into a global market leader. Their Vandas are cultivated with a lot of care and love. Quality that is something you can rely on. Their  core values, honest luxury, passion and exoticism, are reflected in all the products and 


Showing availability is a bit complex, as most products are available yearround. However, since events and wedding are a big portion of the sales and usually take up a large amount of stems, some varieties can be out of production for a few days or even weeks. It's important that you check with your sales person if they can reserve flowers you absolutely need for a wedding or event. beacause this beauties are a must for any event!

Living Jewel

The Vanda Orchid is a jewel amongst flowers. With the introduction of Living Jewel , the flower can now actually be worn as jewelery. By means of a special lockable tube containing water, each Vanda flower can be worn as a fashionable brooch, pendant on a chain and in the hair as a type of exclusive diadem! A timeless and elegant piece of jewelery which radiates beauty through its living bloom! For more info about the living jewel click here!


Anco provides a broad Vanda range. Cut flowers and plants can be delivered in various colours, fitting the consumers wish. Each year  The company hopes to present new Vanda varieties  with new unique properties. Interesting fact is that varieties named with Yimwhan are those who are the newest ;)  The complete assortment of Anco pure Vanda is now on Flowerbook. This grower has multiple cut flower selections. These are;

For every selection there are multiple beautifull varieties that are all in the grower page within the Flowerbook app.

Follow Anco and stay updated!

Who knows the product better then the grower? Exactly, no one! Anco is very active on social media and shares a lot of expert tips about the vanda. Choose your favorite social media and make sure to follow Anco pure Vanda!


Deleted the app? No worries, it is still available and the best thing is, it is free!

Christina Burton-Fox AIFD floral artist & instructor

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