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Friday, February 2, 2018

Flower Book features Bouvardia

New month, new grower!

Quality Bouvardia, grown in a family business.

February has just arrived and we are adding a new bouvardia grower to Flowerbook.
Vreeken Bouvardia is a genuine example of a family firm with growing experience stretching back four generations, and a leading grower of Bouvardia. With all their years of experience, knowledge and drive they produce reliable Bouvardias all year round that are shipped to their satisfied customers from two sites every day. This newest member of Flowerbook joins us to show their products to you, our users! 

Varieties of Vreeken

Vreeken works throughout the year to grow fresh, top-quality products at two sites. They currently grow five different varieties. The bouvardias are grown traditionally, as a shrub. Growing this way, the plants can grow at their own speed, using all their energy to make a strong stem with nice, lagre umbels. Check out the varieties that are grown at this moment! 

All our Bouvardias are available throughout the year, with stem lengths of 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 cm.  

Royal Sweet Roza With the beautiful umbel, heavy and light pink color, Sweet Roza is a topper as bridal flower. But also as mono and bouquet really beautiful.

Diamond Sparkles is a double-flowered white Bouvardia. Intense white with beautiful leaf and a heavy, dark-colored stem. The intense white color and large umbel with double flowers makes this Bouvardia also suitable for special occasions.

Royal Roza has a unique candy pink color and a heavy handle with a nice big flower display. The color, quality and excellent durability make the Roza suitable for both bouquet as mono.

Royal Violet, a single-flowered and purple - violet color. With beautiful color and excellent quality Violet is an excellent addition to our range and combines well in bouquets .

Diamond Coral is a special double flowered, bright red variety with high ornamental value. Every day unfold again some double flower pairs to the screen in full bloom. The flower screen is compact and round and the stem is heavy and dark colored.

Vreeken Bouvardia is a member of Milieu Project Sierteelt and is MPS A certified. Where possible they use organic plant protection and recycle the water used for irrigation. That is good for the environment. In addition, the company is always on the lookout for new, sustainable developments that can be used in the nursery.

Growers page in Flowerbook

All the information and other varieties grown by Vreeken can be found their grower page in Flowerbook. Be sure to follow Vreeken in the app. Next to that make sure to follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook where we post a lot of updates on varieties. Got any feedback or suggestions for Flowerbook, always contact us!

Timelapse of Royal Roza

Below is a timelapse of Royal Roza, we like how all the individual flowers open per stem! 

Follow Vreeken on social media!

Make sure to follow Vreeken Bouvardia on social media and stay up to date about all relevant bouvardia news!


Christina Burton-Fox AIFD floral artist & instructor

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