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Thursday, June 15, 2017

California Grown Flowers ~ #Origin Matters

Winner Takes All! June is California Grown Flowers Month!

Flower farmers from up and down the state of California joined together in Sacramento to meet with lawmakers and help raise the profile of California's cut flower farmers. In addition to meeting with legislators on the issues facing our farms, the California Cut Flowers Commission (CCFC) hosted a legislative reception to help kickoff June as California Grown Flower Month.

Winner takes all
This year, SCR-58 sponsored by Sen. Mike McGuire declared the entire month of June as "California Grown Flower Month."

The resolution makes official the state's recognition of the value flower farmers bring to the state for an entire month. (Read more here.)

New CCFC Website is Live, UX Friendly

The California Cut Flower Commission (CCFC) has launched an all new website ( that includes hundreds of glorious flower photos, a user-friendly structure and an easy way to search for the state's blooms.

New ccfc website

The site is also more industry and consumer focused than past iterations, with all CCFC member information housed in a section of its own. (Read more here.)
Let's Celebrate California Grown Flowers All Month Long
June is California Grown Flowers Month

Last Thursday, California's Senate and Assembly announced June as California Grown Flowers Month.

June California Cut Flower Month
Shanghai wholesale flower market in an abandoned mall.

The tradition of recognizing California Grown Flowers by the state's lawmakers is in its third year, helping to highlight the value California's flower farmers bring to their communities and the economy.

Here at the California Cut Flower Commission (CCFC), we will be celebrating all month long, highlighting farms and thanking designers, retailers and consumers for featuring that little blue and gold license plate on their flowers. (Read more here.)

Flower Farmer Wins the 2017 Floral Design Challenge
Congratulations to Rene VanWingerden of Ocean Breeze Farms

LRene VanWingerden of Ocean Breeze Farms wins this year's Floral Design Challenge.
Congratulations to Rene Van Wingerden of Ocean Breeze Floral Farms on winning this year's Floral Design Challenge. Hosted by the California Cut Flower Commission (CCFC), the Floral Design Challenge was created to engage California lawmakers to help raise the profile of California's flower farmers in Sacramento and to help kickoff June as California Grown Flowers Month. 

However, this year we had to punt. (Read more here.)
California Legislature Declares June California Grown Flowers Month
SCR 58 Passes With Unanimous Support

Celebrating California Grown Flowers Month with an official declaration by California's state Legislature. Pictured with me are Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson and Sen. Mike McGuire.

I had the privilege of representing California's flower farmers on the floor of the state Senate while Sen. Mike McGuire shared his remarks of appreciation for an industry that brings so much beauty to the Golden State. Sen. McGuire sponsored SCR 58, declaring June as California Grown Flowers Month.

Sen. John Moorlach and Sen. Jackson also voiced their support for the resolution during remarks prior to the unanimous vote in favor of the resolution.  (Read more here.)

Safeway's Incredible Campaign For California Grown Flowers
Celebrating California Grown Flower Month

New video captures Safeway's "Blue Bucket Campaign" featuring California Grown Flowers.

To help celebrate California Grown Flower Month throughout June, we're featuring photos, examples and stories from farmers, designers and retailers who are championing California Grown Flowers.

We'll be looking for standout examples, people who are making the extra effort to highlight California Grown Flowers and programs that help people connect with why origin matters.

One such story and amazing example is Safeway. (Read more here.)

Kasey Cronquist, IOM                                               
CEO & Ambassador
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1415 "L" Street, Suite 460
Sacramento, CA 95814 

Note: CCFC's mailing address remains PO Box 90225, Santa Barbara, CA 93190
California Cut Flower Commission, PO Box 90225, Santa Barbara, CA 93190-0225
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Christina Burton-Fox AIFD floral artist & instructor

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