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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Oasis Idea Weekly~ Cascading Bouquet

Smithers-Oasis North America Design Director Sharon McGukin, AIFD, AAF, PFCI, is a speaker and author known for her "edutaining" floral design tips and Southern charm. She has four decades of design experience, is past president of AIFD and lives in Carrollton, Georgia. 
Bouquet excitement begins with preparation!
Click the image or link for the
Lady Slipper Cascading Bouquet recipe
One of the most exciting decisions for brides is choosing her bridal bouquet.

If you're designing a bouquet for a bride, it's important to customize a bouquet that reflects the bride's signature style while accenting her body shape and the line of her dress.

It's a good idea for the bride to collect photos, magazine pages, pinterest boards and web shots of design styles, flower choices and color harmonies that she especially likes. These details will help in designing a bouquet that meets her expectations.

Think proportion
Start with her height measurement. Consider her overall body shape. The bride's physical form and lines of her dress should influence the shape, width, and length of her bouquet.

Suggest that a petite bride carry a smaller bouquet so that it doesn't overwhelm or hide her dress. Encourage tall brides to accent their graceful height with a longer cascading bouquet.

Offer a full-figure bride a larger bouquet; rich in detail, which will capture the eye. A long, cascading design will flatter a full figure and lengthen the look by drawing the eye down instead of across the body.
Continue the look
Review the same information concerning the bridesmaids and their gowns. Consider height and body profiles, complexion and hair color and any special considerations for each girl.

Look at the actual dresses or at least a photo and color swatch, if possible. These details with help in selecting the style and color palette for bridesmaid's flowers.

Choose flowers that are similar to the bridal bouquet but not exactly the same. Often, the bridesmaid's bouquets are in the same color harmony but are of a less expensive flower variety.

Choose top quality materials
The bridal bouquet is one of the most exciting elements of a wedding. Careful attention to proportion, style, color, and quality of materials can help to make the bouquet memorable.

You can see the recipe for this and other wedding arrangements with all the fresh and supporting ingredients on
Sharon McGukin
As always, have fun celebrating your life with flowers!

Sharon McGukin
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