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Christina Burton-Fox AIFD
floral artist & instructor

10820 W. 64th st. suite 102B
Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66203


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Christina Burton-Fox AIFDfloral artist & instructor

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

AIFD Member's Food for Thought.....

Thanks for sharing this tip for potential clients.....
Christina Burton-Fox  AIFD CFD

American Institute of Floral Designer's monthly tip for members
What's Working for You?

May Marketing Tip
By Lee Gallison AIFD, CFD

When a potential client or bride comes into your store or studio, what is the first thing they see, smell, or touch? As a service industry, we focus on the experience a client has while with us. Much of having them sign a bridal contract or making a large purchase is out of our control, but we can control the experience we give them while they are with us.

I often buy small bottles of sparkling water for my bridal consults, and have playlists of different types of ambient music in the background. There are different business cards there as well - these have a more "velvety" feel to them. We have the computer open and ready, so when they mention their venue, I can immediately pull it up and we can view it together. I give them a few ideas, but don't write anything down yet. This is all about creating anticipation and trust that we can do their event and understand what they are thinking. Asking a few personal questions gives me a window into their budget. After the meeting, I shoot over a quick email, just recapping what we talked about, to let them know they were heard. And a few days later, follow up with an estimate and a "save the date" contract. When they sign we partner together to make their day amazing!

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