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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Fern Trust --Florida Ferns

Florida- is the Epicenter of the Foliage Industry- more foliage is grown for commercial production in Seville and Pierson- than anywhere else on earth...

Because the Weather is exceptional for Foliage Production... specifically- Florida Fern- also known as Leatherleaf, Baker Fern, or Rumohra andiantiformus- 
( ru-MOW-ra ad-ee-an-ti-FOR-mis)...

Florida Fern is one of my favorites- and it's amazing to see it being harvested... I've attempted myself but it's hard work and I was "fired" almost immediately...

If you want to learn more about how Florida Fern is produced and the story behind this amazing - long lasting American Grown Foliage- click on the Picture or this link!
During our Visit to Seville Florida- I toured the Ferntrust farm with my friend David Register... and it's worth the watch...

You'll learn a bit more about this long lasting Fern Foliage that is Trending - both here and abroad... 

The Foliage Trend rages on...
I love foliage just as much as I love flowers- and it's customary for me to have an all Foliage Arrangement in the House ... not only are the textures fascinating- but the Folaige- is busy- working - transpiring Oxygen- and helping keep healthy air throughout the house... just like a house plant.

If you've every wondered- where foliage comes from - or how the dedicated group of Foliage Farmers at FernTrust- grow, maintain, harvest and ship foliage all over the world- check out the documentary we created with them- part of our Florida Foliage Tour-

Click on the links on this page- and get acquainted with FernTrust and their Fabulous Foliage-

Or Contact - or visit
or just reach for the phone and give 'em a call
Tell them I sent you... 1-800-338-3376
Tour FernTrust with David and J
Follow FernTrust on Social Media
Visit the FernTrust Website
P.S. Keep your eyes peeled- as Florida Fern- keeps trending forward for weddings and special events... interiors, accessories and more!

Christina Burton-Fox AIFD floral artist & instructor

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