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1 Day Wedding Workshop
featuring Holly Chapple products includes floral tool and handouts
2 designs
$295 per person

Consumer Bunch of Flowers
3 hours training
includes flowers, container & handouts
$65 per person

Flowers to carry/Weddings
6 hours training
2 sizes & styles
$200 per person

Flowers to wear/Weddings
8 hours training
ring, necklace, wrist & pin on
$200 per person

Have a topic that's not listed you are interested in learning more about....Contact me for pricing and set your appointment for 1 or 2!


I am looking forward to meeting you in the classroom and sharing my floral passion and knowledge with you!! I love to learn new things....Hope you do too!!

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Christina Burton-Fox AIFD
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Monday, May 14, 2018

Grand Central Floral Newsletter

A Next Generation Multimedia Company
For the Floriculture Industry

The Latest Stories in Floriculture

New Product Smackdown! Check Out the 25-Image Photo Gallery of Our Very Favorites from Around the World!

These new products will put a spring in your step, with epic ideas to generate some serious mid-year cash! Expand your market place – Build your customer base – Differentiate Yourself – Lead the way in product innovation! A market is NEVER saturated with good products, and this is the perfect place to check ’em... Read More »
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Rock Stars of the Industry

Brooklyn Blooms! Meet a New Generation of Floral Designers

Sharing their exuberant creations on Instagram, three young companies blossom into influential creators. With bountiful, garden-style arrangements that strike a balance between being curated and looking like a cornucopia, a new generation of Brooklyn-based floral designers have been gracing the editorials of high-end glossies and becoming Instagram sensations. With Mother’s Day right around the corner–May... Read More »

Tricks of the Fresh Cut Trade

PHOTO GALLERY: Follow Fresh Flowers from Farm to Mother’s Day Tables

Follow Jaroma Roses as they are collected, inspected, sorted and transported from Columbia to the US in time for Mother’s Day. Roses are gathered at Jaroma Rose Farm in Columbia. Carts transport fresh cut roses to the sorting center. From there, boxes of Jaroma Roses go directly from the farm’s coolers into refrigerated trucks for... Read More »

Tricks of the Plant Trade

New Campaign to Address “Plant Blindness” Among U.S. Youth

BLOOM! connects young people to the power of plants to build a pipeline of future talent for the industry behind them: horticulture. Plants are critical to the future of the planet, but absent from the minds of most American youth, resulting in a perilous workforce gap in the horticulture industry. Today, a new national campaign,... Read More »

Industry Events

Have You Heard the BIG NEWS? Laura Dowling; Who Served as Chief Floral Designer at the White House to Speak, Sign Books and Answer Your Questions at IFE 2018! Don’t Miss It!

Laura Dowling is an award-winning florist and designer, known for her signature French garden-style flowers and innovative floral installations. From 2009 – 2015 she served as the Chief Floral Designer at the White House, where she articulated a new strategic approach to floral design using flowers as a tool to convey meaning and metaphor. She... Read More »

Career Builders

How to Get (and Keep) Employees on Board in Times of Change

Transparent communication is crucial, as is inviting employees into the discussion and allowing time to address concerns. All organizations go through changes. Whether it’s due to a seismic structural shift, a downsizing or a cultural adjustment, change requires consistent, clear communication. People are naturally resistant to change, and workers tend to view any alteration of... Read More »

Colors and Trends

These Tiny Vase Earrings Can Hold Actual Flowers

The statement jewellery trend just went one step further. Nothing beats a bunch of fresh flowers or a new shiny piece of jewellery, right? Well, now you can get even more joy by merging the two. Genius jewellery brand RFORM Studio has created an ear-friendly vase that can be filled with your favourite fresh flowers.... Read More »

Tech Tips

Flower Council of Holland’s Ad Blocker Nominated for Spin Award

Idiosyncratic floral art from Green Screen makes banners bloom. The idea behind Green Screen is a cheerful one: to transform unwanted advertisements into something beautiful and inspiring. And it’s led to a nomination for a prestigious media prize. Green Screen, the ad blocker from the Flower Council of Holland, has been nominated for a Spin... Read More »

Retail Trends

VIDEO: When Flowers Blossomed on the Congressional Floors and Why They Were Banned

Once a fixture in the chambers, the adornments are now so rare. “The proceedings were dull, but the flowers were bright and fragrant, and in profusion, and the air was full of the odor of roses, hyacinths, carnations, and geraniums.” No, this isn’t a description of a spring trudge around the Tidal Basin, but The... Read More »

Science & Research

Decoding Rose DNA Could Allow Scientists to Create Flowers that Look and Smell Better

Understanding genes for scent, colour and other characteristics could help breeders speed up processes that have previously taken centuries, researchers say. Roses have had their genome sequenced by scientists who say it could help to develop genetically improved versions of the popular ornamental flower. Within the 36,377 genes identified, the research team found DNA coding... Read More »

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Christina Burton-Fox AIFD floral artist & instructor

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