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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Montana Lisianthus Grower

Mayesh Luxe Blooms Grower Feature: Montana Lisianthus

Montana Lisianthus

Many of you already know about our line of Mayesh Luxe Blooms and have hopefully had the chance to work with some of them! But what makes our Luxe Blooms so special? There is so much that goes into growing these gorgeous flowers with longer stems, bigger heads, and other unique features, so we thought you’d enjoy learning a bit more about the growers behind our Luxe Blooms. This month we’re starting with one of our Dutch lisianthus growers, Montana Lisianthus!

Montana Lisianthus


Montana Lisianthus is a greenhouse-nursery located in Poeldijk/Westland, between the sea and Flora Holland. Back in the 1990’s Frank van Holst, once a crop advisor for Rockwool, had a dream: to start his own greenhouse-nursery. He had gotten his growers-nose (greenthumb) from his parents, and after he had finished University and advised other growers, he decided that, most of all, he wanted to own his own greenhouse… but not by himself. So he found himself a nice, spontaneous, handsome young flower girl from a grower family with, according to his own dad, golden hands: Corine van den Berg. She turned out to be the love of his life, and that is where it all began!

Montana Lisianthus

They bought some land in Poeldijk at the Casembrootlaan, and worked very hard together with the family. They named the company Montana… an elegant (almost Spanish) translation of his girl’s last name: Mountain. They started out growing on rockwool; what a challenge! It turned out that the sensitive roots of the Lisianthus couldn’t resist this way of cultivation. The fertile loam soil which belongs to the greenhouse was a much better choice for the Lisianthus. 

Montana Lisianthus

After seven and a half yeas of hard work, a new glasshouse was built, and yet another seven and a half years later, they purchased some land from their neighbors, doubling the company! Fittingly, a double Lisianthus variety had been added to the assortment.

Mayesh Luxe Blooms Montana Lisianthus
Mayesh Luxe Blooms Montana Lisianthus

Around 2000, when everybody in “Lisianthus-land” grew the common Lisianthus varieties of those days, Montana discovered a new variety: Rosita.

Montana Lisianthus Rosita

Today, Frank and Corine grow twenty of the most exclusive and extraordinary varieties of Lisianthus, and they love nothing more than sharing their greenhouse and babies (the flowers) with contagious enthusiasm and passion.
Montana Lisianthus specializes in working very closely with the breeder, and simultaneously thinking two steps ahead. In this way very special varieties of promising Lisianthus are selected at an early stage and developed in their own in-house nursery.

Mayesh Luxe Blooms Montana Lisianthus
Mayesh Luxe Blooms Montana Lisianthus
Mayesh Luxe Blooms Montana Lisianthus

Frank and Corine love to develop extraordinary varieties and do not avoid ones that are difficult to grow. Together with the breeder they will fight to get the impossible done and create the most exceptional Lisianthus, especially for you.
The result: Lisianthus that knocks you off your feet!

Mayesh Luxe Blooms Montana Lisianthus


Roseanne Black Pearl

MONTANA lisianthus rosanne black pearl Mayesh Luxe BloomsMONTANA lisianthus rosanne black pearl Mayesh Luxe Blooms

Roseanne Deep Brown (Bordeaux)

MONTANA lisianthus rosanne brown Mayesh Luxe BloomsMONTANA lisianthus rosanne brown Mayesh Luxe Blooms

Roseanne Green

MONTANA lisianthus rosanne green Mayesh Luxe BloomsMONTANA lisianthus rosanne green Mayesh Luxe Blooms

This variety of Lisianthus is very different than the common varieties of Lisianthus; they have entirely hard petals and when you feel the flowers, it seems as though they are a wax flower! They have very intense colors: wine red, apple-green and deep dark purple/black.
Lisianthus is usually only available in pastel colors, so these deep, intense colors are outstanding.

  • Vase Life: Strong vase life, colors will fade away in your living room, giving you the ultimate feeling

  • Seasonality: All our varieties are available every day, year around

  • How they’re Grown: It is very difficult the make the seed of this variety. When you take a closer look at the flower you will see there is no stamp in it, so the breeder is not able to put the pollen on the stamp to make the seed. So he has to do a trick to get the seed out of it which usually works.

This is the reason…
in a field of The Rosanne Deep Brown, there are different pink varieties in between,
in a field with Rosanne Green there are yellow varieties growing and
in a field with Rosanne Black Pearl there are Blue flowers blooming. It is a funny sight to see.

If you are interested in this amazing product from Montana Lisianthus, then be sure to connect with your Mayesh rep!

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Christina Burton-Fox AIFD floral artist & instructor

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