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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Flower Book Montana Lisianthus

Montana, lisianthus that amazes anyone! 

Colours and shapes to love!

We are excited to announce that Montana Lisianthus is joining Flowerbook. For this grower, it was very clear that showing their lisianthus to you via our app is a great opportunity. Montana Lisianthus is specialized in working very closely with the breeder and growing some of the best varieties available. Growing unique flowers is the main goal for Montana and we have to admit, they are well underway! 

Varieties that you can only love

One of the latest introductions and a variety that is extraordinary because of its shining colours is the Corelli "Delft Blue'. Just like the hand-finished Delft earthenware, Corelli Delft Blue can also be identified by its harmonious color palette. Passion, creativity and craftsmanship are the elements that link this Lisianthus to the world-famous earthenware. 

Another new variety is 'Alissa Yellow'. This variety is a perfect fit for Eastern bouquets and arrangements. The yellow color in this Lisianthus make it a perfect addition the assortment of Montana.

Top quality is the goal

Everything at Montana is focused on giving Lisianthus an extraordinary, long and splendid vase life. This starts at finding the right varieties. Montana only chooses the strongest varieties Lisianthus, which have strong branches and gorgeous flowers with firm petals. To get fuller branching the plants are wider planted, more generously than usually and a special light is being used. Moreover: Montana is originally a traditional nursery where the flowers are totally pampered with the best nutrition, lovely sunshine and loads of love and attention.

Meet the growers and watch the whole process of the lisianthus!

More of Montana? 

Follow them on social media! This grower keeps you up to date about the latest developments in and around the greenhouse! 


Flowerfood as healthy lunch-box

To guarantee the quality as long as possible, the Lisianthus are put in water with extra flower food, directly after harvesting. The flowers will be transported the very same day, as fresh as possible, in this flower food-water: This way Montana gives their beloved Lisianthus a ‘healthy lunch-box’ during the trip.
And when you also add 
flower food to the water, the vase-life will be tripled!

Mono Lisi

Mono is the word for one, Lisi comes from Lisianthus: just the flower. The flower alone is an authentic piece of art. Beautiful and strong! The little stem is 10 centimeters. Very suitable for wedding, funeral work and lots of other possibilities. That’s why these flowers are also separately available now. Little paper bolls with water keep the flowers fresh during transport. 


Where and when to buy?

The varieties of Montana are available every single day, the whole year round! Check out the complete assortment in the Flowerbook app or contact your local supplier for the buying options! The complete and accurate availability you will find in the Flowerbook app. Look at it yourself!


Deleted the app? No worries, it is still available and the best thing is, it is free!

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Christina Burton-Fox AIFD floral artist & instructor

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