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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Flower Book ~ Amaryllis Season

It is that time of the year again!

Amaryllis season in full effect!

Yes, we are getting ready again for the Christmas days! In our last mail we informed you about two bouvardia varieties that are great for Christmas arrangements. But what about this famous Christmas product, the Amaryllis! To see how the grower is preparing himself for the coming hectic days we went to visit Amazone Amaryllis. During the visit we had a glimpse of the process and the beautiful varieties that they grow.

Grown on demand, an ocean of flowers

Field full of fresh grown amaryllis, these will be ready to cut within a few days. The growing is completely planned and structured for the upcoming holidays. By controlling the bulb- and greenhouse temperature this grower can spread the bloom and make sure that we can enjoy these beautiful flowers in winter and specially for Christmas.

Ready for action!

These amaryllis are cut and ready for transport to go to the auction or  to the wholesale. They are packed carefully with protection around the flowers. 

Availability, Where and when to buy?

Check out the availability in the Flowerbook app or contact your local supplier for the buying options! The season of Amazone Amaryllis starts in October and is ends generally in January.

Flowers in the greenhouse.

Of each variety that are grown by Amazone they show off one flower. The above images are on the left Nymph and on the right Sunny Nymph. These flowers are left on the field to show visitors the products! 

The collection of Amazone.

As a florist, you are always looking for the most beautiful flowers to work with. The range of Amazone Amaryllis consists of heavy and exclusive varieties: large red, white, pink and two-colored. Their specialty is growing ten double-flowered (Nymph) varieties. Also new varieties are experimented with. Most important in this process, products have to be uniform and trustworthy. The wide assortment and strict quality provides many opportunities for surprising your customers. With 15 different varieties, Amazone is one of the most complete amaryllis grower. The image shows all the varieties that are grown during this season. The complete collection and information you can find in the Flowerbook app! 


Beautiful timelapse of the variety "Popov". It shows you all the stages of this flower.


Deleted the app? No worries, it is still available and the best thing is, it is free!

Christina Burton-Fox AIFD floral artist & instructor

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