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Saturday, October 12, 2013


This program was truly amazing!  These ladies were so was all about the Passion of Design

Mayesh's Blog   

Written by: Sabrina 
10/11/2013 6:31 AM  RssIcon
What do you get when you ask 10 Arizona designers to create haute couture dresses, inspired by Alexander McQueen designs and made entirely of repurposed dresses and permanent botanicals? Words cannot describe what they created.
Joyce Mason-Monhiem AIFD CFD PFCI presented a session called Savage Botanicals this at Passion AIFD National Symposium 2013 in Las Vegas. She was inspired by the edgy designs of Lee Alexander McQueen, who passed away tragically in 2010.
Lee McQueen was known for his unique take on fashion. His designs have been worn by the who’s who of the celebrity world. Joyce and her designers took 10 dress designs and interpreted them using a variety of materials, from zip ties to nuts and bolts. All of the dresses emphasize textural contrast, form and color.
First up we have what I would only imagine a forest goddess would look like.
Symbiosis Serenity was designed by Ikuko Hashimoto AIFD.
Symbiosis Serenity
It is as if the dress was created by lifting the forest floor. The bottom of the dress is created using 80 bushes of artificial Water Lettuce leaves. As the leaves build up to the bodice the dress and headpiece transform into a mass of different mosses accents with delicate flowers.
Next we have Essence of Warrior which was inspired by design called Highland Rape.
Highlander Rape by Alexander McQueen
Sharon Kanton AIFD decided to make the model the heroine of the catwalk. This isEssence of Warrior.
Essence of Warrior
Essence of Warrior Shield Close Up
I really like working with Hypericum Berries but I could not imagine creating the entire bodice of them. Approximately 8,000 berries were hand-sewn. The berry becomes a form of armor. Accents of red give the dress a regal look. The chiffon was even singed with fire to create the sense that the model had seen battle and was victorious.
Fall is my favorite time of year and this was one of my favorite designs. You could just feel the change of temperature when this dress came out. This is Autumnal Ruination designed by Melanie Burnett AIFD.
Atumnal Ruination
The bouquet was filled with fresh orange roses and surrounded by broken eggshells reminiscent of the shells left behind when nests are abandoned.
Bouquet with broken eggs
For the industrial portion of the program Patti Klawans AIFD created Harnessing Culture.
Harnessing Culture full length
Harnessing Culture dress close up
Harnessing Culture train view
2013-07-28 09.56.22
Zip ties have never been so couture. Over 13,000 cable ties were used to create of the bottom of the dress and train. While the hat was covered in 288 gerbera heads. The large pearl bouquet finished the winter look.
For an even more industrial look Ann Peckman AIFD created Mechanical Meringue.
Mechanical Meringue open bouquet
The purse was hubcaps hinged together. When the purse was opened a colorful fresh floral composition was revealed. 1,100 nuts and bolts were used, along with 225 feet of 1” silver flat wire, to decorate the length of the dress as well as create the crown.
The dress created by Katherine Dacies AIFD looks like lace but do not let your eyes fool you. The design movement is created entirely out of colored flat wire.
Tendrill Fusion full length
Back of Tendrill Fusion
When the model turns we see that the back of the dress appears as if the dress is floating. The yellow mass of color is created using silk Cymbidium petals. Each petal is hand sewn to the dress. Over 1,400 feet of color flat wire was used.
If you like butterflies you would have wanted to jump right onto the stage with the dress Diane Gonzalez AIFD created called Insecta Awakening.
Insecta Awakening Full length
Looking up to Insecta Awakening
Insecta Awakening bodice close up
Monarch butterflies adorn the bodice as if they are about to migrate. 1,800 pieces of Midillino was used to create the headpiece as well as the skirt. The dress moved as the model walked. The butterflies seem to all be taking flight. 675 Monarch butterflies were used. Talk about a migration.
Insecta Awakening Headpiece closeup
Close up of skirt of Insecta Awakening
The waterfall effect was to die for. What an awesome concept and design.
Claire Orloff AIFD took a dark approach when she created Ravenna’s Sensitivity. With over 100 pieces of 19” Black Ostrich feathers are used to create a dress that looks like is being blown by the ravens taking flight.
Ravenna's Sensitivity
She is carrying a large bouquet of forsythia. The ravens are tangled in a a mess of wire and brown ribbon. The bodice is not made of suede as it appears. Magnolialeaves give the bodice a suede texture.
Close up Ravenna's Sensitivity
Next we have Surrendered Vertex which was designed by Cathy Grim AIFD. The elegant bridal feel is accented with a horn crown and lace.
Surrendered Vertex Full Length
Surrendered Vertex full length 2
The lace effect for the skirt is created with 44 packages of artificial gray Spanish Moss. The staff she carries is made up of any mal horns and silk flowers and trailing greens.
Last but not least one of Alexander McQueen’s most famous designs is interpreted by Gail Chronister AIFD.
Alexander McQueen hydrangea dress
Hortensia Addition was the grand finale of the show. The lavender and blue hues of the dress were created using Design Master spray on white hydrangea.
Hortensia Addition full length
Hortensia Addition Close Up
2013-07-28 10.38.46
The model carried a bouquet of lavender roses wrapped in wide leaf ribbon.
What a fantastic finale to a mind blowing show. These ladies are all beyond talented. I cannot wait to see what will blow my mind next year at Transition AIFD Symposium Chicago 2014.
Till next time!

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