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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Flower Book Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums that make the difference!

New to Flowerbook: Zentoo!

Zentoo is the quality brand for unique chrysanthemums. The company offers a complete package of spray, santini and disbuds. Adapting to the changing market-requirements, they offer customised packing and season colours. Zentoo, together with its customers, is able to renew its products and services. 

Newest member of Flowerbook

Zentoo is a reliable supplier with a complete assortment of exclusive and high quality chrysanthemums. The company is a strategic alliance between 10 authoritative Dutch chrysanthemum growers. The mission of Zentoo is to supply their customers with a wide range of the best quality chrysanthemums. To ensure a premium quality, their flowers are grown under the best circumstances in modern glasshouses with the latest technologies. 

Season mixes

Something new at Zentoo is the season mixes they make for every season, it is a combination of 8 special Zentoo varieties in a Zentoo box! The varieties are specially selected for each season. 

Varieties for everyone!

In total there are 55 varieties grown by Zentoo. The varieties are split up in to three different product groups; 

  • Spray 33 varieties 

  • Disbud 10 varieties

  • Santini. 13 varieties

Below are four of our favorite varieties, we made this picturs last week and updated them in the application. This is in our opinion the power of flowerbook, always have an up to date assortment online. 

Quantum Box

Zentoo offers smaller quantities per box, which means florists can have smaller order quantities while exporters can save time (and quality!) in their handling-process. Zentoo developed and implemented this box in cooperation with their customers! Ask your local supplier for the options! Tell them you saw it in the Flowerbook mailing ;-). Details here


Where and when to buy?

The chrysanthemums are grown year round, though it differs for some varieties if they are available. Please contact your local supplier for the buying options! 

Growers page

All the information and other varieties grown by Zentoo can be found their grower page in Flowerbook. Zentoo is a grower that introduces new varieties every year, so make sure to follow them and stay up to date about the newest varieties. Next to that make sure to follow us onInstagram and/or Facebook where we post a lot of updates on varieties.

Christina Burton-Fox AIFD floral artist & instructor

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