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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Field to Vase American Grown Flowers Newsletter

David Beahm 
 & The Detroit Flower House

It all started with a house: The Flower House.

In October of 2015, The Flower House of Detroit opened its doors for a weekend-long Floral installation, welcoming an estimated 3,000+ visitors to tour an incredible in-house exhibit. The 15-room abandoned Detroit house, bought for $500 by Lisa Waud was no longer a home, but was a floral art exhibit she wanted to share with the community.
Collaborating with a talented team of florists from Michigan and across the country, many walls, ceilings, staircases, furniture, and even toilets were covered in fresh American Grown Flowers and living plants, totaling to about 4,000 flowers.
A snapshot of David Beahm inside his floral room.
David Beahm of David Beahm Experiences was one of the select florists who participated in the Flower House project, which garnered national media exposure. David Beahm is a man of many talents who recently started his very own flower farm.  And lucky for us, David Beahm's Thistle Dew Farm in Quakertown, PA is the site of our next Field to Vase Dinner on Wednesday, September 14.

Quick look at one side of the room.
His Flower House design was brilliant, captivating and inspiring. Called "Channeling Mother Nature," his room was a woodland-inspired dining room that sat in the heart of The Flower House. His room included a moss-covered table in the center, above hung a giant tree-stump chandelier with dripping water.  

A great shot of the inside of the dinning room (turned Beahm creation).
A wonderful outside shot of David Beahm's design.
The perfect duo to bring the experience to Detroit: David Beahm (Left) and Daevid Reed (Right).

The Flower House floral team who worked together under one roof,
 to make this project a beautiful one.

You've seen his magic created for the Detroit Flower House, now see what he has in store for the Field to Vase Dinner Tour, when we visit his #AmericanGrown flower farm, David Beahm's Thistle Dew Farmon Wednesday, September 14!
Tickets are going fast, save yours TODAY!

F2V heads West with Sunset Magazine

Meet the F2V host for our upcoming Sonoma dinner, Johanna Silver, garden editor of Sunset Magazine
F2V featured host Johanna Silver, garden editor of Sunset Magazine.
The Field to Vase Dinner Tour is making its way back to California to set the dinner table at one of our most anticipated stops yet! Joining us for a dinner located in California's beautiful wine country, Sunset garden editor Johanna Silver will be our "farm host" of the night.
This dinner takes place at Cornerstone in Sonoma, the home of the new Sunset test garden, on Sunday, October 16.  Our F2V guests will have the opportunity to explore the many wonderful and innovative landscape designs in the garden, which celebrates the connection between art, architecture and nature.
We recently had the chance to chat with our featured host to talk about everything from designing the new test garden at Cornerstone, to her passion for supporting local farmers, and what our Field to Vase guests can expect next month when tables are set to perfection in Sonoma!
F2V: We are so excited to have you join us at Cornerstone in Sonoma as our host for the night!  What are you most excited for when the Field to Vase Dinner Tour visits in October?
Johanna: I'm most excited to see Alethea's arrangements! This will be our first time harvesting and designing directly with the bounty from our test garden. It has often been used for... (Read More

Sunset's test garden at Cornerstone Sonoma.
The location couldn't be more perfect for a dinner in celebration of American Grown blooms. Join the Field to Vase Dinner Tour for a dinner to remember in Sonoma, CA on Sunday, October 16!
Save your seats today!

Next up: Join us at Cornerstone Sonoma...or 
Woodland, WA!

All of our dinners promise a one-of-a-kind experience. You can learn more about each of the dinners on this year's tour by clicking on the map below. 

Be among the first to experience the new home of Sunset Magazine's test garden at Cornerstone Sonoma on October 16th in Sonoma, CA.
Tip toe through the tulips with the Field to Vase Dinner Tour as we stop at Holland America in Woodland, WA on November 6th.

Certified American Grown, PO Box 90225, Santa Barbara, CA 93190-0225

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