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Everything is included, you bring the creative spirit, and a friend. And go home with an AMAZING floral design.

Class size: 2 students. $95 each
daytime 10-6pm
evenings 6:30-9pm begin April 6, 2020

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Slow Flowers updates

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​Did you Read about in Modern Farmer
"Flowers grown in the United States are fresher and subject to stricter labor and environmental laws. So why do imported blooms dominate the domestic market?"
By Kristine Wong | Photographs by Kyle Johnson
Modern Farmer | Spring 2016 inspires Modern Farmer
Your Slow Flowers Membership helps us pay for public relations efforts to position as a content resource for print and digital media outlets. The payoff is often great media coverage that members may not be able to achieve individually, but that's entirely possible when we come together with a unified voice (and PR buying power).

And like all good things, sometimes great press comes slowly - no pun intended! The Spring 2016 Modern Farmer article written by environmental journalist Kristine Wong is one example of how we nurture sustainable and meaningful relationships with the press, rather than take a shotgun approach to PR. 

This story's origins date to the fall of 2014 when Kristine agreed to meet with Slow Flowers founder Debra Prinzing for an informational briefing. The introduction was made by Lola Honeybone, who ran PR for the launch in 2014. From that simple cup of coffee in Oakland, Kristine's interest was piqued. We helped to connect her with a number of florists and flower farmers for background interviews.

In February 2015, Kristine traveled to Seattle and we hosted her on a tour of Seattle Wholesale Growers Market where she met flower farmer Diane Szukovathy of Jello Mold Farm (pictured above in the Modern Farmer opening spread). 

In June 2015, Kristine attended the Field to Vase Dinner at our invitation, held at California Pajarosa in Watsonville, California. There, she met more members and learned about the Certified American Grown Program, a Slow Flowers partner. 

By August 2015, she let us know that Modern Farmer had commissioned a story (and as it turns out, we brokered her introduction to an editor there). From that point, we assisted in providing even more background material, contacts and resources as Kristine reported and wrote her story.
Above: a Modern Farmer Infographic 

By March 15, 2016, the story hit the newsstands with a provacative coverline that reads: "How the War on Drugs Screwed America's Flower Farmers." Yikes! Well, sensational cover lines sell magazines, right? 

Inside is a comprehensive, very well-reported story that you'll want to read. In addition to Diane Szukovathy, Kristine quoted Debra Prinzing, creator of, and she interviewed Kasey Cronquist of Certified American Grown/Field to Vase Dinner TourFair Field Flowers of Wisconsin and Molly Culver of Molly Oliver Flowers based in Brooklyn.
Click here to read the full story ►
NEW Feature: List Your FLORAL EVENTS on
Member "Perk" Added to Home Page

As of Spring 2016, we have activated the Event Section on This feature appears in a scroll-down menu on the home page's top navigational bar by category. 

Gain attention when you add your Floral Design Class, Flower Farming Workshop or Meet-Up to our Event Section.
This feature is $15-per-month and Premium Members receive one FREE Event Listing each month. Follow the link below to learn more details and add your event today! Sign Up Here.
Click here to read more ►
Slow Flowers Welcomes CANADA!
NEW Section Launched With 10 Members

Consumers in search of local, seasonal and sustainable blooms from Canadian flower farms and floral designers can now visit and be assured of the Canadian origins of each stem they purchase. 

Ten Canadian floral businesses joined the launch, with the goal of connecting flower lovers to retailers, designers, studios and farms that supply and sell locally-grown and Canadian-grown flowers. 

The announcement generated some great reporting from Kathy Renwald, a writer for The Hamilton (Ontario) Spectator. Click on the link below to read her story, titled "Slow, Seasonal Flowers Have Their Day." 

Click Here to Read the Article ►
Join the Slow Flowers 1,000 Campaign!
There are nearly 700 members who have added their Floral businesses on, but we know there are so many others who follow us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook, frequently using the #slowflowers hashtag to indentify their brand.
Our goal is to recruit those flower farms, floral designers and farmer-florists to add their support to the Slow Flowers Movement and grow to 1,000 members!
Why is this important? It will give us a more credible presence with the media, with policymakers and with consumers -- that's why!
If you want to help, download this graphic seen above (we have Instagram and Facebook versions) and invite your friends and followers to get involved. Let's Grow the Movement!
Click Here to Download Graphics►
The Slow Flowers
Facebook Community

In the Slow Flowers Community, we value everyone's involvement in raising awareness for the domestic floral industry. Please take an active part in this group. You'll find that helping others allows you, in turn, to receive help for yourself. 
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Welcome Syndicate
Our Newest Sponsor

Syndicate Sales has joined as a major sponsor of the directory, the podcast and American Flowers Week 2016!
This American manufacturer of vases and accessories serves professional florists and event designers. Look for the American Flag Icon to find Syndicate's USA-made products.
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