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Consumer Bunch Floral Design Class
Learn to create a beautiful round design in water. We cover the principals and elements of design, color theory, the care and handling of flowers for longevity+ so much more! All in 2.5 hours of FLOWER FUN����
Everything is included, you bring the creative spirit, and a friend. And go home with an AMAZING floral design.

Class size: 2 students. $95 each
daytime 10-6pm
evenings 6:30-9pm begin April 6, 2020

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I am looking forward to meeting you in the classroom and sharing my floral passion and knowledge with you!! I love to learn new things....Hope you do too!!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Flowers 411 by Mayesh


Written by: Ali Dahlson 
2/25/2016 10:12 AM  RssIcon

Curious as to what's going on in the world of cut flowers? Here is a summary put together by our fabulous purchasing department - enjoy!

Product Updates

  • Acacia Bagged- available
  • Agonis Green- very limited
  • Agonis Brown- available
  • Almond branches- pink only available
  • Amaranthus Bronze - NOT AVAILABLE LOCALLY
  • Anemones- local are available
  • Apricot blossom- available
  • Artichokes – mostly green, chocolate are very limited
  • Artichokes Baby – mostly green, chocolate are very limited
  • Aster Matsumoto Lavender- very limited
  • Astilbe-import
  • Astrantia-import-frequently held
  • Bells- local are back on
  • Blackberries-Import
  • Boronia heather  not yet ~ probably sometime in March
  • Bouvardia- Local very limited, available Dutch import
  • Brunia Green- finished ( local berzellia)
  • Brunia silver-finsihed
  • Bupleurum- local limited
  • Calcynia/ Thrypotmine-local pink only
  • Celosia-not available
  • Cherry Blossom- available white and pink
  • Cosmos chocolate- import only
  • Coxcomb-not available
  • Craspedia- limited locally
  • Dahlias- EXTREMELY LIMITED!!!  Did I say hard to get?
  • Delph light blue and dark blue- Local is on
  • Delph White- almost impossible to get
  • Delph Hybrid- coming on locally, white as always is limited
  • Eremurus- import only- gets held frequently
  • Eucalyptus gunni/parvafolia- limited but seeing moon lagoon
  • Forsythia-available
  • Freesia- coming on locally
  • Freesia Super  heavy white, colors available somewhat limited right now…coming
  • French Tulip- Flaming Parrot- local coming on
  • Gardenia-numbers are coming back up
  • Genestra- import and local
  • Hydrangea - import
  • Jasmine- available but limited
  • Larkspur-  limited
  • Lisianthus- very limited locally but short and pricey
  • Magnolia blooming -NW still tight buds, maybe some in Calif more developed
  • Passion vine – available no flowers
  • Peach Blossom- available
  • Peony- import
  • Phlox-import
  • Piers Japonica- local just now hitting, will be gone quickly
  • Plum Blossom-not available
  • Poppy Hybrid- import
  • Poppy Pods- should start early march
  • Protea-Blushing Bride-finished
  • Protea- King Pink- very limited
  • Protea pincushion- coming on locally orange
  • Protea- Pink Ice - available
  • Protea- Whites  -extremely limited
  • Quince blossom- finished
  • Queen Anne’s lace – very limited
  • Queen Anne’s Lace- Chocolate-available
  • Raspberries-Not available (sub Blackberries)
  • Riceflower- hot pink only
  • Scabiosa Black/Burg- limited locally
  • Scabiosa White  limited locally
  • Scabiosa Pods- very limited
  • Smilax-Bag- available
  • Smilax- Southern – available
  • Snapdragon peach- almost impossible to get
  • Snowberry- not available
  • Statice - purple available, colors limited
  • Stock- #1 and #2 grade
  • Sunflower- green center- limited
  • Sunflower-black center- limited
  • Sunflower-bi color-limited
  • Sunflower- Chocolate-Limited
  • Sunflower mini-available black center only
  • Sweet pea-import
  • Trachelium-import
  • Trachelium green –import
  • Tulips regular- local and import available
  • Tulips-Frilled- good Dutch selection, white local only
  • Tulips- Parrot- good dutch selection, local limited
  • Tweedia- gapping locally, avail Japanese but pricey
  • Veronica local production starting…limited
  • Viburnum Berry – NZ redish/purple available only
  • Viburnum-import
  • Waxflower- Local is on, regular and hybrids- also tints

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