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Flowers to carry/Weddings
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Flowers to wear/Weddings
8 hours training
ring, necklace, wrist & pin on
$200 per person

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Extend Flower vitality 1-5 days

OASIS® Floral Products Design Director Kevin Ylvisaker, AIFD, PFCI, is a floral trend consultant with decades of experience in floral design, including serving on the design team for two presidential inaugurations
Extend flower vitality one to five days in one easy step!
Spring is a great time to think about fresh. Because flower freshness is the number one thing your customers care about.  

Every florist knows the basics, right? Sanitize, hydrate and nourish, the latter two as soon as possible.

But many of us shorten the enjoyable life of our arrangements because we skip one more easy step.

Which step? Finishing spray.

How much difference can it make? 
As floral arrangers, most of us are more heart than head. But here goes anyways: research by scientists at Floralife, a division of Smithers-Oasis Company shows proper application of finishing spray extends useful display life one to five days. 

None of the science matters if your experience is different. And in mine, finishing spray works. The flowers still open and they last longer. I use it-specifically Floralife® Finishing Touch Spray - on everything.

How you apply it matters
I said finishing spray is easy to use (and it cost just pennies per application, too). And it is. But how you apply it does matter. 
  • Be sure to shake the Finishing Touch container before and during use.
  • Apply a light mist to every part: flowers, leaves, stems. Light, light, keep it light!
  • Let it dry before you send it for delivery.

And that's it.    

Like you, when I create beautiful arrangements, I want my clients to enjoy them as long as possible. 

Have a wonderfully fresh spring!


A Design for Mother's Day or any Spring Ocassion
Vintage Appeal
Among the spring designs on the design page is the Vintage Appeal Floral Design. Lilies, Hydrangea, Wax Flower, Roses and more blend in comforting panorama of color. 

As with all the designs on our website, you can download a high resolution photo for your use by clicking on the link below each image. 

IDEAs Archive Now Live
Looking for additional design inspiration? IDEAs publications from 2012 on are now available on our website as downloadable PDFs.

Thanks for reading and have a great week! 
Every product, completely described
The new site has complete information, including sizes and colors, on every OASIS Floral product available. You can create a list and order where you prefer, including from the site. Just shop as you normally would, adding items to your cart. When you're ready to check out, transfer your cart to the participating distributor you select.  The distributor will process your order, ship and bill you directly.  It's that easy!  

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Unsure how to view the class schedule or how to sign up for a me at: I will be glad to answer any question at: 913-708-2988 thanks! Christina Burton-Fox AIFD

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