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Classroom Sale

A heartfelt Thank You to all the amazing students that have attended my classes. I will always treasure your excitement about floral design. Every one of you made an imprint into the fabric of me....Treasure the art of designing with flowers.

I am closing the classroom location in Shawnee and having a sale of contents: design tables, chairs tools, supplies, wedding books, Plasma TV, white board, metal shelving, wooden book shelves and misc wedding rental event equipment.

There will also be vintage glass, misc containers and more that I can't even begin to list. GOOD STUFF......

Items must be removed by the end of the sale. Payments with Cash, check or credit cards.

Saturday June 3rd 3-8pm
Sunday June 4th 10-8pm
Monday June 5th 10-6pm
Tuesday June 6th 10-noon

Questions??? email me at:
or 913-708-2988

Christina Burton-Fox AIFD CFD
floral artist & teacher

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Christina Burton-Fox AIFD
floral artist & instructor

10820 W. 64th st. suite 102B
Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66203


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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

AIFD August Marketing tip

Be Ready to Engage with a Prospective Client 
By Amanda Strassburg AIFD, CFD

As the owner, janitor, designer and delivery driver of my business, I have a somewhat unique opportunity to gain a wider perspective. I recently was delivering a sympathy design to a church and approached a woman near the entrance to ask where the flowers should be placed. It turns out that she didn't work at the church; she was touring the building because one of her family members had passed away and the service was also being planned at the church. She began commenting on the design I was delivering; asking questions about the floral content and availability as well as pricing. That afternoon, she called me and placed a large order of several designs for her loved one's memorial later that week.

What a chance meeting that turned into a great order! For those of you who employ delivery drivers (or transportation engineers as I've heard them called), make sure that they are trained to have basic information when it comes to pricing for various types of designs. Chances are, if I had simply handed that woman a business card and told her to "call the shop and talk to one of the designers" I may not have ended up with the order, as she had plenty of other designs in front of her, displaying the shop's contact information, to choose from.

In a broader sense, any time a person is out representing your business - even running an errand to the hardware store - they should be ready to engage with a prospective client and effectively market you and the services that your business can provide. 

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